What is Pulse Oximeter?

 A pulse oximeter is a non-invasive medical device that measures the oxygen saturation in a patient’s blood and his or her pulse rates.  Pulse oximeter is very convenient and useful as they can be used with no trouble anytime and anywhere –as there is what we call the portable pulse oximeter.

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This is how the pulse oximeter work.  Clipped to a translucent part of a patient’s body (usually a finger or earlobe), a photodiode is faced with a pair of small light-emitting diodes (LED) which has two different wavelengths—one LED is an infrared and the other is red.  Immersion at the said frequencies varies a lot among oxygenated and deoxygenated blood, hence, making it possible to count the proportion between the two.

The most widely used types of pulse oximeter are the finger pulse oximeter which Is attached to the fingertip. It is easy to use and gives an accurate result. You can place an order for a pulse oximeter from our official online site MedDeal.in. 

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