Is It Safe to Do Nasal Irrigation or Use Neti Pot?

A Person who is facing problems like nasal allergies, sinus issue, or cold shall start using Neti Pot option as its the ancient method to treat these kinds of diseases without any side effects. But before start using Neti Pot you need to make sure that the water you are using should be distilled or sterile. You can boil water for about three to five minutes and keep it aside for cooling and then you can use that boiled water. With this process, you’re flushing out mucus from your nose which temporarily eases your breathing. This process is considered as safe as long as you are following the instruction completely. This process was practiced by our ancient gurus; the word Neti means nasal cleansing and this word comes from our Indian language Sanskrit.

Can a Neti Pot make things worse?

Neti Pot looks like little pot with long spouts helps to treat clogged nose due to cold or sinus issue. Along with distilled water use of saline water is a must. If anytime you want to use tap water for the nasal cleansing process then DONT DO THAT because tap water contains many small microorganisms that stay in the nasal passage and cause many serious infections which lead to fatal rare cases. So if you are not following Neti Pot instruction properly then yes it makes things worse.

How often should you use a Neti Pot?

Doctors recommend that use of Neti pot shall be thrice a week is enough, but if you have severe congestion into the nasal passage you can use twice a day but before that consult a doctor because overuse of Neti Pot wont inevitably harm you or make you sick but it will dry out nasal cavity, causing burning, itching, and pain.

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