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Now the Indian government is taking an initiative to encourage local medical device manufacturers and trying to draw the attention of the investors toward this sector. Recently the government has set up National Medical Device Promotion Council where they will discuss  how they will support domestic manufacturer and supplier, as after COVID-19 situation lots of import have been strangled. With the help of this policy intervention government is trying to help domestic manufacturers to less depend on import and manufacture it locally and export to other countries.

The motto of the meeting is to deliberate on creating a predictable and staged regulatory structure “for medical devices. The government is trying to provide an environment where the manufacturer can sell their medical devices. With the new policy intervention, the medical device industry will be a boom in the next few years. The USA is no. 1 exporter of medical equipment in India, along with Germany, China, Singapore, Netherlands are among the other supplier.

The Manufacturers are taking the medical device business to an online platform so that they can sell their product to anyone from anywhere. is the leading online medical equipment website whose manufacturing unit is IndoSurgicals PVT LTD. India is one of the best pharmacy supply chains in the world with low price generic medicine. The Medical equipment sector has potential and the government is trying to support it in order to increase the manufacturing unit of medical equipment in India itself.  

The new generation is the hi-tech generation in which for everything they depend on web or internet, so by going with the flow we took one step ahead and selling our manufacturing medical device to the online portal. We have a wide range of medical equipments with premium product quality. These products will help for better diagnosis and treatment of the patients without any flaws.

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