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Are you looking for the best online medical supply company? Or you are looking for an online medical store that delivers medical equipment to you place. Then here is your search ends with MedDeal. MedDeal is the leading online medical store from where you can buy the dental product, nebulizer machine online, ECG machine, oxygen supplies, and many more other products you will get from our website, and with an easy and secure payment option you can own these equipments. MedDeal is the online store for IndoSugicals PVT LTD. Expanding in B2B Business

The concern of this website is to sell genuine medical supplies online so that our medical professionals do their duty perfectly without getting any stress about the equipment they are using. We also deal with orthopedic product online which is fully tested by our experts so that after purchase, you can immediately start using the product without any second thought. Earlier when these online platforms were not existing at that time medical professionals were facing many issues like product quality, duplicate product, transportation problem, and many more, but as soon as this digital era come buying healthcare the device became more simple and easy. Now with the help of technology and online platforms any nonmedical person can also buy pulse oximeter online or can buy nebulizer machine online.

Our Vision

Our vision to promote MedDeal is to provide the best healthcare products easily accessible and affordable in the market so that medical establishments can do their job perfectly and make our nation healthy. As technology is emerging day by day and so with the help of this technology, we are trying to make the bridge between medical professionals and manufacturers.

For bulk inquiries, please call us on 011-4909-2567 or email us at info@indosurgicals.comRetail Buyer, please visit


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