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Emergency Resuscitation Kit

Item Code: 40121 Product Details: Emergency First Aid Kit with automatic resuscitation Model 40121 is very useful for all emergency purposes, which enables all necessary life saving measures to be taken immediately at the accident location to treat all types of respiratory disturbances by the ambulance services, in Hospital Causality & Emergency Wards, General Practices, Rescue squad in Railways, Air Lines, Mines, Fire Services & Defence Services. Automatic Resuscitator: It is pneumatically controlled, time cycled, flow adjustable, positive pressure Ventilator to meet all emergency situations for respiratory support. Easy to operate with Inspiratory Expiratory & Flow adjustments for breathing frequency of Adults & Children for continuous ventilation automatically. Standard Accessories: Three sizes face masks with tubing Small oxygen cylinder Single stage single gauge regulator Cylinder Key Provision for using bigger cylinder with Tubing fitted with metal end R

Yoga Eye Pillow

Item Code: 14130 Product Details: Includes flax seed with lavender buds. Designed for yoga and meditation. Helpful in sinus pain, migraine and dry eyes. Cold Therapy: Place yoga silk eye pillow in plastic bag and place in a freezer for couple of hours or even overnight. Remove the eye pillow from plastic bag and place it over your eyes. Heat Therapy: Microwave for 30 sec. if additional heating is required continue microwaving in 15 sec interval. Remove the eye pillow and place it over your eyes. For bulk inquiry, please call us on 011-4909-2567 or email us on . Retail Buyer, please visit: Yoga Eye Pillow Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India